Contests Galore?

Gaaahh…. Mea can be so bad at communicating at times. She went on a trip and didn’t let anyone know which is why there haven’t been any prompts for almost a week. Now that she’s back, I’m poking her to make sure she gets some Creatures related stuff done. Since it has been a while since the last post, this one is going to be a little bigger than normal.

You know it has been a really long time since the last Survivor game. Would anyone be interested in playing or running a new Survivor game, Survivor: Ark? Have it set on the Creatures 3 Ark and have it run during the festival?

Well, since both Civvi and Wesley have offered to help with drawing prizes for the contests, it would probably be a good idea to get a list of the contests up, wouldn’t it? So… Here’s a list of possible contests besides the Wolfling run.

A Story contest: From the shortest stories of only a few sentences, to long sagas, all stories are welcome.
A Spooky story contest: Since the first day of the festival will hold most of the spooky Halloween themed releases, Mea felt that the spooky stories should be separated from the regular story contest so that they can be posted with the rest of the spooky stuff.
A Poem contest: Short or long, all Creatures themed poems are welcome.
A Meme contest: Seeing all the Creatures memes last year was rather fun. What fun memes can you make for this year?
An Art contest: From simple concept sketches to fully finished pieces, what art do you have ready to share?
A New Creature Breed contest: From the strangest to the cutest, what new Creature breed concepts can you design? Art or just descriptions are both perfectly fine.
A New Critter and Plant contest: Draw or describe new plants and animals that you might like to see in the game at some point. Who knows, maybe once Mea finishes learning to code, she might start making some of them.
A Creatures Cook-off contest: aka Creature themed recipes. What silly, fun, crazy or tasty recipes can you come up with? The recipes can be real or fantasy.

Just remember, they can only be contests if we get enough entries for them….

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