CCSF Day 1: part 2

Arrgg… Here there be loot for everyone!   To thank everyone who sent in their creations for the CCSF, Mea made some presents to share for each day of the CCSF.

Borgetta Dolls
Me? Dressed up in my Halloween costumes, and turned into dolls for your Creatures to play with?  Arrrggg, tis be a wee bit embarrassing don’t ya think?

Carpet burrotail weeds
Arrggg…. Careful of these strange little weeds.  No barrel full of Shee ale is needed to get your creatures roaring drunk as long as these weeds are around.  The more they play with these weeds, the drunker your creatures are going to get.  CFFs and Abyss Dragons get an extra little surprise, there is more than just alcohol in these weeds.

The Carpet Burrotail Testers – Here be the pack of scurvy SERU creatures who helped test those crazy little weeds.Some of them were quite drunk when they were exported.  I hope they don’t have hangovers….
There’s a little bit of everything in that mix of creatures.  No telling what they will look like in your game. 

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