CCSF Day 2: part 1

First up for today, we have a newly revised version of the Mountain Norns by Arnout.

Oh wow! just look at that hair!

Here’s what Arnout has to say about the new Mountain Norns:
“The Mountain Norns first appeared during the CCSF 2015 and I must admit that they were a bit of a rush job. That’s why I’ve recreated them from scratch, based on how they originally should’ve been designed. Similar to the mall breeds that were released in the early 2000’s, these Mountain Norns also feature a few agents that can enhance your worlds.

The Mountain Norns are a norn breed with exceptional stamina. As they age, they grow spikes on their backs to assert dominance in their populations. They also have a tough skin that lets them recover from wounds faster than any other Creature. On their homeworld, the Mountain Norns worshipped ancient fire spirits that protected them in times of need. This is why they rarely take up a fight by themselves. Bored Mountain Norns might wander off to find gadgets, but only if you can’t keep them occupied. They occupy Norn Slot G.”

Silly me, I post and forgot to include the download link.
Here they are, the 2019 Mountain Norns.

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