CCSF Day 2: part 2

Here it is, the video we’ve all been waiting for….  The next episode of the Wolfling Run!!!

Today’s Wolfling run!

Remember to check out Ask Flynn sometime today to see today’s artwork!

And lastly…  today’s collection of presents from Mea.

Since it was showcased in the wolfling run, first up for Mea’s presents is….
the GEW version of the Carpet Burrotail.   The version of the Carpet Burrotail released yesterday was limited to growing on the three types of soil.  The GEW version, is not so limited.  It will grow everywhere.  So be careful that it doesn’t spread so much that it lags your world.
– The GEW Carpet Burrotails  –

Second present from Mea today is a patch plant from her Exotic Plums patch plant set; the Frosted plum.  This lightly frosted plum will help reduce the hotness of any creature that eats it.  It was designed to help cool down feverish or overheated creatures and help cold-loving creatures deal with areas too hot for them to be comfortable.
– The Frosted Exotic Plums

Mea’s third present of the day is another very random pack of creatures.  This batch is one of several that helped test out many of the exotic plums patch plants.  During the tests they lived in Chione, with the next generations being chosen by the Hera agent.  So all of them should be fairly good at taking care of themselves and should be somewhat adapted to colder areas.
– The Chione plum tester adoption pack

The next present is another little weed in the Burrotail family, the Push-me-not Burrotail.  This bad plant won’t get your creatures drunk, but they might find themselves feeling rather angry and crowded instead.
– The Push-me-not Burrotails

The final present from Mea for today is a toy.  First one of Mea’s dragon themed toy set.  Now, if a few of these dragon sprites look a bit familiar, that’s because Mea made them for a different website, but they were never used.  So rather than having them waste away on her hard drive, Mea wanted to make them into toys for your creatures to play with.  So, here’s the first small set of them…
– The Gemstone hatchling toys

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