CCSF Day 3: Part 2

Today’s video for the wolfling run may be a little late today, so to make up for it Mea is planning to release a few more presents than she would have.

First up, is a trio of patch plants from Mea’s Exotic Plums set.

– The Spicy Plums – That first taste of the spicy plum has quite the nice and hot bite, but boy does it turn chilly quite quickly.
– The Pearl Plums –  This sweet plum is not your normal plum.  It ferments right on the plant, so there is quite a bit of alcohol in this manky fruit.   Shines like a pearl and is full of alcohol, would this be a fine treasure for pirate creatures?
– The Toxic Plums –  This plum is more suited for your Toxic creatures than your normal creatures.  This plum is rotten before it even falls off the plant.  Since it is detritus it is full of nasty things to keep your toxic creatures healthy and happy.  The first bit is a bit less dangerous than the second bite is, so you might have a moment to pull it away from your normal creatures if you catch them eating it.

Up next is the next toy in the dragon toy series…

– The Serpent dragon toy vendor –  Large long and thin, this dragon could be a winged snake just as easily as a dragon.

Since the possibly dangerous toxic plums were released today, it’s only fair to release something to help heal and cure any creatures that get sick from eating them.  So the next present is actual two.

– The Moonstone Potions – The moonstone potions come with a vendor and the potions themselves are like a super charged version of the C3 ‘general cure’ potion with cures for almost everything and additional healthy stuff as well.
Edit:  Oops, got a small update to the Moonstone Potions 1-2

– The Moonstone Burrotails 1-1 – The moonstone burrotails are a friendly plant that gives seeds and when it is about to die, the plant gives a moonstone potion for your creatures to eat.
Edit:  Oops, had a small issue with the catalogue file.  It should be fixed now.

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