CCSF Day 4: Part 2

While we wait for today’s video, here’s the next batch of presents from Mea!

First up, one more patch plant from her exotic plums set.  The Icy plum.   Similar to the Frosted plum, but stronger, this plum actually increases coldness instead of just removing hotness.  Your heat loving creatures might find this plum too cold for them.
– The Icy plums

Second present is another barrel full of hatchling dragon toys for your creatures to enjoy.  Small enough to be carried, they look like they might be just the right size for younger creatures to enjoy.
– The Hatchling Barrel

Last present for today…  is a special treat for your meat eating creatures!   An instinct friendly tub of critter meat for your carnivorous creatures to enjoy. These tasty critters won’t run away from your creatures still learning to hunt since they are already prepared into long lasting sausages and stakes.  Hopefully they are seasoned to your creatures liking!
– The Tub o Meat
Small update to keep the vendor and meat from falling through the floors in certain areas.
– Tub o Meat 1-1

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