CCSF Day 4: TWB and TCB update

Today’s update is an update to the well know breed bases, the True Warm Bloods and True Cold Bloods by Dragoler.

Here’s the description in Dragoler’s own words:
For this CCSF i’m submitting the third major update for the TWB/TCB genomes, this time the focus is on the brain with a number of new tracts added as well as a new lobe. I’ll give a breakdown of what the new tracts do below:

Stim -> comb hit inhibitor – Aka the “peace tract” it makes Norns more reluctant to hit each other. This tract varies the most between breeds, often taking effect later and functioning slightly differently for aggressive breeds, while being more all-encompassing for peaceful breeds.

Comb -> comb 1 and Comb -> comb 2 – These “duotracts” were pioneered by Lurhstaap and Geat_Masta, the original intention behind them was to give Creatures a basic understanding of cause and effect (e.g. I push dispenser and food comes out). They ended up not working like this, but the results have been positive for learning, focus and behavior in general so they have been kept in, though I have no doubt they can be improved further!

Driv -> Mood (crowded) – Puts Creatures in a bad mood when they feel overcrowded.

Detl -> comb push inhibitor – Strongly discourages parent <-> child inbreeding but requires the Activate 1 & 2 Separation script to be effective.

Sensorimotor lobe – A brain lobe which pairs with the Sensorimotor Lobe Input script created by Vermidia to allow Creatures to sense many more things about their world.

Sens -> comb drowning override – Forces Creatures to “go home” when they start to drown, which most of the time will drive them out of the water. Only functions when in water.

Comb -> comb seek water – Creatures don’t have a thirst drive, which is problematic, because water is necessary for both keeping cool and breathing; water is also used up quickly when a Creature catches their breath after spending time underwater. This tract compensates for this by adding an intense drive to seek out and consume anything edible before water levels drop dangerously low.

Detl -> comb get inhibitor and Detl -> comb drop inhibitor – Common sense tracts that keep Creatures from trying to “get” objects they are already holding and “drop” objects they are not.

Detl -> comb anti-snatch – Makes Norns more reluctant to steal things from the hands of other Creatures, including your own hand – no more fights over that last apple! Unless you’re playing with one of those rude breeds anyway.

Other changes include ATP and oxygenated blood initial concentrations set to not mutate, which should cut down on stillbirths considerably. Norns have an easier time falling asleep when they try, but they also won’t pass out if they chose not to rest, and shivering is no longer a sign of impending death but should still be taken seriously. There’s more but I won’t bore anyone with additional details here, all previous V2.5 genomes are included in the pack as well as the Sensorimotor Lobe Input script. I hope you have fun with them!

True Warm Bloods and True Cold Bloods V3

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