CCSF day 5 : part 2

Today we have 6 presents from Mea.

First up we have a water potion vendor to satisfy your thirsty creatures
– The water barrel

And to go with it, we have a burrotail that gives the same water potion right before it wilts.  This friendly burrotail also gives water when played with, and it releases lots of water vapor too, which is how it got it’s name…
– The Blue Mist Burrotail

Both of the above agents are quite useful to have if you decide to grow this next agent…

– The Flameleaf Burrotail –  The Flameleaf burrotail has the potential to be rather dangerous to your creatures, for this weed gives off heat. One or two will warm a room, but when they grow in clusters, they can make the area hotter than a desert. I would suggest growing the Blue Mist burrotail, the Frosted plums or the Icy plums alongside the Flameleaf burrotail so that your creatures have ways to cool down and stay hydrated.

These next two burrotails can be, like the Flameleaf burrotail, a bit more dangerous to your creatures than the Carpet burrotail is.

– The Dusky Metal Burrotail –  This burrotail when played with will get your creatures drunk, just like the Carpet burrotail does, but it also gives your creatures a dose of heavy metal.  Luckily the cure for heavy metal can be found in it’s seeds, but the dose of cure is rather small.

– The Dark Cinder Burrotail – This burrotail can definitely be dangerous to your creatures.  Playing with this weed will give your creatures a dose of fever toxin and glycotoxin.  Even the seeds are poisonous enough to count as detritus instead of seeds.  If you have creatures that are hurt by the light, you may want to keep them away from this plant as well since it gives off small amounts of light.

Today’s final present is dragon toy!  Awww…  look how shy this dragon looks….  Shy or hiding something…..
– The Shy Dragon toy

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