CCSF Day 6: part 2 – Hive norns

Today’s release is new breed by Dragoler and Verm. Apparently this breed is a little unusual.

Dragoler’s description in their own words.

I have another submission for this year’s CCSF, this is a C3/DS genetic breed so unusual they need their own custom egglayer and can’t be injected from Muco like most other breeds. They are called Hive Norns and they function just like a mix between ants and bees with queens, soldiers, workers and drones all playing different functions within the colony. They need two distinct areas: a nest area designated by the Hivemaster, and a foraging area where they can gather food, which is what the overgrown caches are for – the workers may also stop to drink nectar from the flowers sometimes. They use Sprite Norn (normal size not micro) and Sabertooth Norn sprites, some Sprite Norn sprite files are broken so I included fixes for those too.

The Sensorimotor Lobe Input script is required for these to function.Agent sprites and genome by Dragoler, coding by Verm.

Hive Norns

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