CCSF Day 7: Part 3

Today for Mea’s presents, we have 3, the last two burrotails and a toy!

The Tremble burrotail is so named because it injects fear toxin as well as all the same chemicals the Carpet burrotail does.   So not only can it get them drunk and make the hallucinate, it will scare them at the same time….
– The Tremble Burrotail

The Silver burrotail is perhaps the oddest of the burrotails.   It is not a plant or a weed, but is instead, a machine.  It looks like the other burrotails, grows like them, but it is so full of metal that it is able to produce gadgets as well as seeds for your creatures to enjoy.  When the plant/machine is played with, it acts much like the Carpet burrotail, getting them drunk and hallucinating, producing safe and edible seeds.  Then just before it wilts, the Silver burrotail will spew out a bunch of marble or ballbearing-like gadgets for your creatures to play with… or eat if you have the Edible gadgets installed.  So, here it is for your gadget loving creatures to enjoy…
– The Silver Burrotail

Now..  this last toy…..  Mea was a little hesitant on sharing it, but just like the other dragon toys, she didn’t want the sprites wasting away in a folder unused.   So, here it is.  The final toy(counts as a gadget) in the dragon themed toy collection…
– The cyber dragon

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