CCSF Day 7: Random Namer

Today’s release is an autonamer by Arnout, and the description in their own words….

Similar to an agent that was released some years ago, the Random Namer will write random names for the Creatures that inhabit your world. However, there’s some upgrades compared to the agent that was released earlier:
– First of all, the first character in a Creature name corresponds with its generation. Generation 1 names start with an A, 2 with a B, et cetera… until the Z character at generation 26. From generation 27 and onwards the naming cycle starts over.
– Besides that, this script generally avoids characters that are uncommon in names (as we know them), e.g.: Q, X, J, W, H.. This way most of your Creature names remain pronounceable.
– Consonants and vowels should not appear more than twice in a row. The characters U, I and Y shouldn’t appear more than once, though I’ve experienced exceptions to this rule.
– Developer’s note: the letter Y was a bother to code in since it can appear as both a consonant (Maya) and a vowel (Henry). 😛
– The Random Namer will also attempt to name a Creature according to its gender. For instance: Female Creatures have a bigger chance to get a name that ends with an A.
– Names are between 3 and 10 characters long. Names that are shorter than 4 characters or longer than 7 characters have been made less common.
– As the agent name suggests, the names are entirely random (with the few guidelines that are described above). Most of the names will sound like alien-names. My first named Creature, thanks to the agent, was called Ava – so there’s lots of possibilites.
– If this agent is ever accidentally destroyed, a backup agent will automatically reinstall it after some minutes. Removing the agent also removes the backup agent. Your current Creature names are unaffected.

I’m not answerable for any swear words that are produced by this agent. If you get a name that you don’t like, just empty the name bar of your Creature in the menu.. or write something else in there. Enjoy the agent nonetheless.

– Random Namer 1-1

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