CCSF Day 8: Release the rainbow

Wow!  Today’s releases are as colorful as Borgetta’s wings!  Rainbows everywhere!

First up, we have from FlyingEttiNorn, a set of Pride flags to decorate your ship with.

– Pride Flags


Next up from Mea, we only have two presents today, but they certainly are as colorful as the pride flags.

Pulled out of the ocean depths, it looks like Borgetta found some sunken treasure!  A barrel full of colorful gemstones…  I wonder if she will find more tomorrow?
– Gem Barrel

I’m not sure where Borgetta found them, but it looks like she found a basket full of very bouncy gemstone balls for your creatures to chase around.
– Gem Balls

One thought on “CCSF Day 8: Release the rainbow

  1. Ah those gem balls are so pretty! They remind me of the big baskets of bouncy balls at the grocery store I always really wanted as a kid.
    I also love the pride flags so much aaa 😀


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