Welcome to the Creature Community Spirit Festival!

For those who aren’t familiar with it, the CCSF is a yearly festival the Creatures community holds to celebrate the Creatures game series and the related fan made creations and add-ons.
No drama or unpleasantness during the festival please.

For the next several days various fan made creations will be released and shared for the community to enjoy.
We hope you have fun!

CCSF Final Day : bugs n code

And here we are…  The final day of the CCSF, I really hope everyone has enjoyed it it and all the releases.

Mea wore herself out getting the last of these presents done for today, and here they are…

– The Egg Basket –  It is full of edible animal eggs for your creatures to eat.  Mea made it with today’s DuoDragons and other meat eating creatures in mind  So hopefully she got all the stims and everything else set up properly so it’s instinct friendly.

– The Grub Bucket – Full of edible bugs, this grub bucket was also built with the DuoDragons and other meat eating creatures in mind.  So, it should be instinct friendly…  Too bad Mea didn’t have time to build animation sprites for all the bugs.  Maybe that will happen in a later version.

And now, since it was requested, the source code with comments for all of the agents Mea released this CCSF.   Hopefully them being in .cos form is okay, if not, Mea will resave them as .txt files and post them tomorrow since she is out of time for today.
– Source Code Mania


Happy CCSF Everyone!  Hope you all had fun!