CCSF Day 6: part 3

Here are today’s presents from Mea!

First up we have the last of the Exotic plums set, the Golden Plum of Immortality.  Based on the myths of various golden fruits of immortality, these Golden plums help heal your creatures and give them a small amount of life as well.  Use these fruits wisely or you may end up with a world full of immortal creatures.
– The Golden Plums of Immortality

Second, we have another dragon toy, this time it’s the sleepy baby dragon toy.  So tiny it’s just the right size for your baby creatures to drag around.
– Sleepy Hatchling dragon

The final present for today, is another of the burrotails, the Silver Dreams burrotail.  This close relative of the Carpet burrotail, acts much like it, but with one unpleasant addition, it injects your creatures with sleep toxin.  Maybe the sleepy baby dragon was playing with these burrotails?
– The Silver Dreams Burrotail

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